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eGull  Debuts Play & Pay by the Hole Service in U.S.

eGull Debuts Play & Pay by the Hole Service in U.S.

By Leonard Finkel eGull, Inc., developer of the eGull Pay App released the US version of its mobile application on iOS and Android platforms, enabling golfers to Play and Pay by the Hole. eGull unveiled its new website, www.eGull.golf, and will officially launch at...

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Samsung Does The Chromebook Pro Right

Samsung Does The Chromebook Pro Right

By Scott Kramer Regular readers of my column know that I have used a Chromebook full-time for about three years now. For my specific needs, it’s a superior experience to working on a Macbook or Windows laptop. Believe me, I have spent decades on each of those other...

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This Device Making My Soda Habit Healthier

This Device Making My Soda Habit Healthier

By Scott Kramer Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved drinking root beer. As an adult, however, I know any kind of soda is generally not good for me. Mostly because of the sugar. So I’ve really tried tapering it out of my diet the past 15 years. And we try to keep our...

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These Golf Products Make Playing the Game Most Enjoyable

 By Barry Lotz, J.D., Ph.D.

Though to date 2015 has not been what one would call outstanding with regard to equipment sales, there have been some excelleMolhimawk bagnt product introductions that merit your attention.

Whether hardware or software, these 8 products should be in your bag:

Molhimawk White & Black Argyle Golf Bag

Starting with the name itself the “MOLLY-Mock” bag is a fresh look at the usually bland designs of golf bags. Not only is it hip, but totally functional and weighs a mere 6½ lbs. Read more…


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