There are some great new products and as always, ones that have no chance whatsoever. Here are some of the better products you’ll see in this year.


exotics putterThe Hot Launch line by Tour Edge is headlined by a technologically advanced adjustable driver that is also competitively priced. It features a 460cc titanium four-piece forged club head.  The driver’s deep face design and variable face thickness technology provide maximum power from more contact points on the face.  Loft options from 8.5 to 12.0 degrees in 1 degree increments provide easy-to-use adjustability in choosing the most efficient loft for optimal distance and accuracy.  The head shape is very efficient aerodynamically to promote optimal club head speed. A non-adjustable Draw version is also available, offset for proven slice-fighting control. Personally designed and hand crafted by president and founder David Glod  the  new Tour Edge Exotics Tour Series putters aim to deliver the ultimate in feel and touch and are entirely CNC milled from a solid block of carbon steel.  The milled X-grip face pattern provide extraordinary feel and control on the green and reduces skidding.  The responsive feel and feedback of the face design translates to incredible accuracy and touch.  In addition, each putter has a hand-rolled leading edge ensuring that each stroke glides smoothly through the ball, even in the longer grass on the fringe. Three designs two sophisticated finishes are available, a silver-bead or black PVD finish, all with Tour Edge’s lifetime warranty and a 30-day play guarantee.


cure RXi_ImageThe Cure RXi putter features an adjustable weighting system that allows a far greater range of weight than any other putter on the market, allowing the golfer to find the perfect weight to suit their stroke and tempo. The Triangulation Alignment, invented by former PGA Tour Commissioner Deane Beman helps line up a putt like an arrow for accuracy. With a higher center of gravity and lower loft, Cure putters get the ball rolling sooner, helping it stay on the intended line. The RXi has the look and feel of a traditional blade, while offering higher MOI (8,500 – 9,950) than any of the leading mallets on the market and is 100% milled from a solid block of   aircraft grade aluminum. In addition to being stable and forgiving, the RXi also has interchangeable face inserts.


bobby jones putterBobby Jones and Dogleg Right will collaborate on a variety of limited edition Bobby Jones-branded putters, designing and handcrafting the Silver Anniversary, Grand Slam and Bespoke Art, paying homage to golf’s most decorated amateur.  Each offers innovative designs, patented and patent pending technologies including adjustable weights, interchangeable necks, adjustable loft, lie and toe hang and Dogleg Right’s proprietary face mill patterns.  Grand Slam models come complete with Bobby Jones logoed leather grips, matching head covers and limited edition Bobby Jones shaft labels and will be available in super-limited edition quantities.

golf pride picGolf Pride’s MCC Plus4 grips are designed to have a larger lower hand that matches the feel of 4-layers of extra tape build up preferred by many Tour players.  The slightly less tapered shape is designed to encourage lighter grip pressure which can help increase swing power.  A proprietary new soft compound in the lower hand in combines with an upper half utilizing a new softer performance-rubber for stability and the Brushed Cotton Technology cord to ensure moisture management & maximum traction.  The combination of upper and lower technologies is engineered to enhance feel and performance for each hand.


golf bubbyGolfBuddy’s WT5 carries a design that is rugged and durable. It features new color schemes, including a white/orange model and a black/blue model. It offers all of the capabilities of prior models including full target and hazard information, Dynamic Green View and pin placement – but bolder and more colorful. Its digital scorecard can be used on any of the 37,000+ pre-loaded world courses, with storage for up to 40,000 courses. Automatic hole and course recognition, coupled with the WT5’s time, date and stopwatch functions, make this device one that can be worn every day. Complete with a rechargeable battery, the WT5 provides 8 hours of battery life in full GPS mode and 35 days in watch mode and is waterproof and durable enough to withstand a heavy



bridgestone BSG_e6_dzThe 2015 Bridgestone e-Series balls continue to deliver the exceptional flight performance golfers trust and expect and the introduction of Bridgestone’s WEB Dimple Technology brings added distance across the line. The proprietary design utilizes a cutting-edge “spidering” pattern that affords 10% more dimple-surface-coverage than the previous models. This pentagonal pattern combined with the aerodynamics of dual dimple design reduces drag, resulting in a more penetrating ball flight and greater distance. The e5 is a 2-piece urethane construction designed for golfers needing higher ball flight, more distance and greater control. The e6 is a soft multilayer ball designed to help players eliminate slices and hooks. The multilayer e7 model is for faster, longer, more penetrating shots, reducing the ballooning in windy conditions often encountered by golfers with a higher ball-flight.


Vice_Pro-and_Pro-Neon_with_packagingDesigned and manufactured in Germany, Vice Golf produces a range of golf balls comparable to premium offerings on the market today. Where they differ is the delivery method. Orders are taken over the Internet and balls are shipped directly from the manufacturer to the user’s front door. By eliminating multiple middlemen, the company believes they are offering a comparable group of golf balls, but at a significantly reduced cost, with personalization options few other companies can offer.



sun mountainSun Mountain’s Tour Series rain wear is the company’s best yet offering waterproof, breathability, stretch, durability, lightweight and quiet in one rain suit. It is available as a full-zip jacket, long-sleeve pullover and pants. Incorporating three-layer technology, the Tour Series has a waterproof, breathable membrane bonded to a four-way stretch shell and a soft, protective inner layer.  It is fully seam-sealed, guaranteed waterproof and offers the convenience of a two-way front zipper and adjustable laser-cut cuffs. It is available in black, navy and titanium/steel/citron. The pullover is offered in gray, black, or royal, and the pants in black. With a new, innovative folding process, the Reflex push cart from Sun Mountain is arguably the easiest cart on the market to fold and unfold. At 25” x 15” x 11” when folded and only 17 lbs., Reflex might be the smallest and the lightest push cart, too. The deluxe accessory console includes a scorecard holder, two padded valuables trays, golf ball storage, and a beverage holder. An E-Z Latch System simplifies folding and unfolding the cart and adjusting the handle height which adjusts up and down and has individual handles with 180 degrees of adjustability for further fine-turning. It also features a handle-mounted parking brake and a mount to hold an open umbrella over golfer and clubs. Available in black, silver, black/lime, and charcoal/red.


alphard Duo_Cart_DX_2014_Red_AngleThe Alphard Duo Cart is an all-in-one pushcart / golf bag combination that fits easily in the trunk of your car and takes just seconds to set up. It features 4 large wheels that provide outstanding stability on even the toughest terrain. It has a plethora of storage pockets and a built-in Cooler Pocket (with drains) allows for ice and six cans of your favorite beverage. The Accessory Tray and Mesh Storage keep valuable items like your keys, wallet and scorecard secure with easy access and comes standard with attachable accessories like an umbrella holder and adjustable drink holder. Other accessories like a GPS holder and cart seat are available. It is riding friendly, with wheels removable from the frame in seconds and converted into a standard size golf bag.


tifosiTifosi has expanded its line to include four new styles of open lens eyewear that are interchangeable. Talos features adjustable arms and nose pieces for a custom fit constructed from a flexible and virtually indestructible rubber that grips through sweat. Elder’s open lens styling keeps your range of vision clear and features vented lenses to reduce fogging. All Tifosi eyewear comes with a cleaning bag and protective hard case, and offer 100% protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays.


Antigua 2Antigua’s Spring 2015 Men’s Golf Collection has taken moisture management technology and constructed fabrics with fine cotton fibers blended with synthetic filaments to create Desert Dry Performance Cotton. Desert Dry Xtra-Lite combines the moisture-wicking feature with specially constructed ultra-light fabrics for maximum performance and optimum comfort. The garments feel like cozy cotton but handle perspiration like poly. The collection includes 11 new shirt styles as well as an assortment of pullovers, jackets, shorts, vest and hats.

loudmouth golfThe spring collection is what you would expect and more from Loudmouth Golf. Nassau  is the first vertical stripe design in seven years, featuring tropical hues of the Bahamas. Jolly Roger is a  spruced up skull and paisley design in a rainbow of colors. This line has retro prints, stripes, plaid, tropical, novelty and above all, the color and craziness that customers have come to expect. The collection is available for both men and women and includes pants, shorts, skorts and hats.

nexbelt imageTwo companies have brought together a combination of style and technology that allows greater comfort without sacrificing looks.  An innovative ratcheting system allows ¼” adjustments versus a pin/buckle system allowing only 1” adjustments.  Nexbelt, with up to 15 waist sizes with the same belt and the forgiveness of a few inches after a hearty meal, PreciseFit technology provides a natural feel for a freer, more comfortable golf swing. For convenience, the buckle face flips down to reveal a hidden ball marker. ColoredBeltsSolids40MissionBelt-NewswireNexbelt offers over 150 different color & buckle combinations for both Men & Women with prices starting at $34.99.  Mission Belt, dedicated to making no-hole leather belts introduces the SOLIDS 40 collection that features an array of vibrantly colored belts. The line will appeal to the golf audience as they hit the course in style with colors including navy blue, bright yellow, green and shiny dark purple.


stracka app_on_iphoneAbout six years ago, StrackaLine started developing yardage books and green reading charts for PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour players. Now they’re taking it to the club level, helping any golfer get a better read of the greens. Graphics are created by laser scanning each putting surface with advanced 3D modeling equipment, detailed to the millimeter for all elevation changes. Hydrology software designed for calculating the exact flow of water drainage is overlaid to show the true slopes and breaks of how a ball will roll. The iOS application renders each green as a graphic that allows you to zoom in for more detail on any part of the green with the exact slope percentage at every point. With most of the PGA Tour courses on the 2015 calendar already available for download, TV viewers can follow along with Tour pros and read their putts.


AMBAR imageThe ActivMotion Bar is hollow, with rolling steel weights inside that engage and ignite the core and critical muscles used during a golf swing. The momentum generated by moving weights forces the body to gently surpass its normal range of motion, lengthening and strengthening muscles to result in a fuller, more dynamic and powerful swing. The Full Length Series features five separate 5-foot long Bars in weights ranging from 6lbs to 18lbs. The Compact Series is 4 feet (4.5lb), ideal for carrying in a golf bag. The ActivMotion golf fitness DVD program was developed by Titleist Performance Institute certified golf professionals and top PGA professionals.



greensleeve picThe Green Sleeve, pocket-sized golf ball cleaner features a microfiber center that deeply and quickly cleans dirty balls and club heads. Convenient and ease-of-use, it is designed to keep golf balls free from dirt and debris. Soft, flexible and approximately the size of a wallet, it is more comfortable in a front or back pocket than a traditional towel, without hindering your swing.  Available in more than a dozen colors and designs, it’s ideal for personal use or as a customizable promotional item for corporate or charity events.

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