P1000671Land of Midnight Golf 

By Leonard Finkel

There is a place where you can start your round one-day and finish the next without a break. Playing golf after midnight is more than possible. Some tee times don’t begin until after midnight! That place is Iceland, where during a few weeks in the summer, twenty-four hour daylight allows for twenty-four hour golf. To be honest, there could be a dark cloud hovering over you. On cloudless nights, the sun is bright. On cloudy nights, it grows much dimmer, but there are few other places on earth that afford this opportunity. Read more…


Kauai_Lagoons Golf ClubKauai

By Leonard Finkel

Kauai, the Garden Island of Hawaii, is also the Island of Discovery. The ambiance lies somewhere between the modern development of Oahu and remote, tranquil Molokai, giving the visitor the best of both worlds. Totaling 533 square miles, less than three percent of the island has been developed, almost exclusively along the coast, leaving the inland areas astonishingly beautiful and pristine. The climate is ideal with temperatures usually ranging from the mid-70s to mid-80s. Any rainfall generally comes late in the evening Read more…

New Zealand

By Leonard Finkel 

We had traveled halfway around the world to play Kauri Cliffs, New Zealand’s most ballyhooed golf course, and we were dead set on playing 36 holes. “You better plan for a 5 ½ hour round”, replied the assistant pro behind the counter.  He didn’t seem to understand.  We were golf writers, single digit handicappers on a mission.  And there was no one else in sight.  But that didn’t seem to sway him.  “Trust me”, he smiled.  Once you get out there, you’ll understand. Read more…


turnberrySouthwest Scotland

Scotland – The Birthplace of Golf
By Leonard Finkel

The game of golf has its roots in Scotland and every true golfer at some point must make a pilgrimage here. Among others in the southwest, noted courses in this district include Royal Troon, Turnberry and Prestwick, where the first British Open was played. Golf memorabilia abounds at every turn and the locals are more than happy to share their views on specific courses and the game itself over a fine Scotch whiskey. Read more…


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